Join in!

Join in!

Write yourself in the history of Das Neue Haus! How do you interpret the sources? How do your interpretations differ from those of other people? What are the reasons for these differences? What is shaping your way of looking at the historical documents and pictures? 


  1. Learn about the history of camp Tambach (Neues Haus).
  2. Choose a source, take your time to explore it and think about its meaning. Take a look at the contextual information as well. 
  3. Write down your interpretation of the source in a comment. It could be a few sentences or a longer text. Every thought is welcome!  
  4. Include some information on your relation to the place and the topic at the end of your comment. Do you know the camp Tambach, the place „Neues Haus“ or similar places from your own experience? Have you ever lived or worked in such a building? Have you gone through an asylum procedure yourself? Habe you experienced racism in Germany? Is your work or activism related to history? Only write down, what others should see together with your comment. 
  5. Read some of the other comments. Which similarities and differences do you notice? How does the (societal) position of a person shape their perspective on the source, which you just interpreted? Share your reflections in another comment, if you want!


Continue the conversation!

Do you want to know more about camp Tambach, explore other sources or discuss your interpretations in relation to those of other people? Do you have other sources on the history of camp Tambach or similar places, or memories, which you would like to share? Write us an email ( If we organise a workshop, we will invite you. Otherwise we can arrange a digital or a real life meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!

Fotos: Jadwiga Henkel, 12.04.2022