Who writes history?

The website „Life behind barbed wire“ invites everyone to join in the writing of the history of the former asylum camp „Neues Haus“ near Tambach using a selection of four sources.  With our approach we want to raise rather basic questions:

How is history made?

Who is talking about the history of the place “Neues Haus”?

Under which conditions are opinions and memories transformed into history?

What is remembered and what is forgotten?

Who hast he ressources to write history?

How does history change with the biography of the person, who narrates it?

Whose history is regarded a valid or authentic?


Fotos: Jadwiga Henkel, 12.04.2022


Using the history of camp Tambach as an example, we want to show, that history is not only made by historians, but by everyone, who writes or talks about it, also including those living in the neighbourhood or previous asylum seekers who stayed there. Different perspectives, observations or emphases when interpreting the sources can lead to more openness in the writing of history. We set up this website to enable everyone to contribute their vaild perspectives and to empower you to participate in the writing of the history of camp Tambach.